Grandma Bakery Testimonial

Rick K. Rick K. Manalapan Township, NJ

"There's nothing bakery that compares to Grandmas. Every time we come to Brooklyn we have to stop by. Love the miniature Cannolis"

Grandma Bakery Testimonial

Fan V. Fan V. Brooklyn, NY

"I usually stop in here for a whole cheesecake. The cake runs about $12, that's a steal if you ask me. So far I've tried the regular cheesecake & the marble cheesecake. Both were delicious.

Cheap bakery goods, but the quality is on point.
+Cakes, cookies, breads, cannoli, and etc. you name it they probably make it! "

Next time around I'm snagging myself a cannoli.


Grandma Bakery Testimonial

Bedor E. Bedor E. Brooklyn, NY

"This spot is literally like 7mind away from my house which is dangerous. 

Any who I love love their Italian sandwich cookies the ones that are stuffed with jam! 

I also love their red velvet not a lot of people nail that but man oh man I loved it!!!!!!! Had the whole cake in my house which was also dangerous!!!!"

Grandma Bakery Testimonial

Melissa H. Melissa H. Brooklyn, NY

"Yum! I have to agree, this spot IS dangerous. Just walking by, the irresistible smell of fresh cookies draws you in. The rainbow cookies are so good and cheaper than other bakeries in the area. The older woman who works behind the counter is a sweetheart. I can talk to her all day. Best customer service around!"

Grandma Bakery Testimonial

G.A. D. G.A. D. New York, NY


"I love Grandma's Bakery. They have a great selection of stuff and their cakes are really tasty. The girls behind the counter are friendly. I highly recommend this bakery, you don't have go to other big name bakeries in the area, Grandma's is just as good if not better."